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TwoBella's Beauty Tips

TwoBella's Mink Lash Care Tips

Two Bellas

1 . ALL Bold & Beautiful Mink Lashes can be used up to 20 times with PROPER maintenance . Therefore , when removing old glue or makeup from lashes , hold lash at the base and gently peel glue and / or makeup off using your fingers or tweezers . DO NOT PULL ON THE HAIRS as this could possibly remove the lash from the base .

2 . Store TwoBella Lashes in original box or closed lash container as this can protect them from bacteria , dust and help maintain its shape .

3 . DO NOT APPLY MASCARA TO YOUR LASH EXTENSIONS ! Only apply mascara to your natural lashes BEFORE applying the extensions .

4 . GENTLE IS ALWAYS KEY when handling , applying or removing your lash extensions .


TwoBella's Hair Care Tips

Two Bellas

1. Use a silk pillowcase or satin bonnet to preserve the natural sheen of your TwoBella's tresses.

2. When combing your extensions , comb from tip and gradually work to root of the hair. Always comb wet hair with wide tooth comb or with fingers.

3. . Harsh products such as alcohol based products are NOT recommended as they dry out hair, please note that alcohol is based in shampoos , conditioners and style holding products.

4. When using any heat treatment on your extensions use minimal heat as possible and use a heat protectant even while blow drying. AIR DRYING is always healthier than blow drying and is preferable to maintain softness.

5. TwoBellas tresses do not require an abundance of oils , crèmes or hair sprays. This can lead to build up and odors if not washed consistently.

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